More Homework

When most of us go to bed it’s dark out. Before you get into bed, hopefully with the lights out – or not – point to the Sun. You may want to consult a clock if you’ve lost track of the time.

If you have a lot of difficulty figuring out where the Sun is you may be on the right track. It’s trickier than it may seem so you must do research during the day.

While standing on the planet’s surface, notice how the Earth relates to the Sun. Remember that the axis of our planet’s spin is tipped like that of a desktop globe. If it’s winter you’re tipped away from the sun. If it’s summer you’re tipped toward. If it’s in between, you’re in between and tipped to the side.

It might even help to imagine that you are the Sun and are holding the Earth in your hands, turning it around and – wo! – there is your body standing on the surface! What an opportunity to finish your homework in short order! Just rotate the Earth you’re holding about 180 degrees around it’s axis so you can’t see yourself and think of where your body will need to point to be pointing at you.

Keeping what you’ve learned in mind, return to the beginning.


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