Welcome to the MrKettle Blog site. It’s mission is to encourage individuals to achieve an ever broader and deeper perspective of their world. To become, in their own way, more engaged citizens of the cosmos.

I was born January 12, 1949 in Portland Oregon. My name is Peter Dyrhaug and I am a part time mystic (semi-retired). After an initial demonstration given to me, while alone, at around age 7 years I began being exposed to ideas, concepts, and guided observations as well as the occasional psychic experience.

My mystical life hinges around a full experience at age 22 when I had what some would name a major release of Kundalini. This total transformation of my relationship to temporal existence left me bonkers for many years and it is only since about age 56 that I haven’t felt the excruciation of being the only lobster in the tank without a shell. As the flow of new experiences seems to have slowed, some of my questions seem to be resolving and it’s perhaps time to offer up what I’ve got.


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